Riflex Film is committed to sustainability and we take care about the environment. Hence, we comply not only with ISO 9001 (quality management) but also with ISO 14001 (environmental management).

PVC has always been regarded as a resource efficient material due to the long-lasting nature of most of its applications. It contributes to make our lives safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. In addition, few other materials can match its positive cost-performance ratio.

We have in place programs to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption of electricity and water in our production. Riflex Film are continuously working with improving the energy efficiency and have managed to reduce the energy consumption by almost 20% during the last years, mainly by changing to new technologies in drive and pump systems but also by replacing fluorescent lights with LED throughout the plant.

PVC products need minimal maintenance, and hence very limited additional consumption of energy, raw materials and chemicals is necessary to ensure their continued functionality. As a result, PVC has the advantage of remaining in use for a long period before it enters the waste chain.

PVC is a climate friendly plastic. It is one of the few plastics that cause the lowest emissions of carbon dioxide during manufacturing. PVC is the plastic that uses the least energy.

We are members of Vinyl Plus, an organisation working for PVC to remain as a sustainable alternative.

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Riflex Film AB shall produce different types of film from PVC and other polymers with minimal environmental impact and thus contribute to a sustainable development of its products, processes and services. These shall be continually improved to meet the market's increasing demands for environment, quality and efficiency.

This means that:

  • We strive for continuous improvement in resource utilization and technology
  • We work proactively to minimize the impact on environment and health
  • We believe that all employees must be properly trained in environmental issues and be well aware of how environmental issues affect the work functions
  • We comply with legislations and other regulations
  • We have good communication with customers, authorities and suppliers on environmental issues
  • We openly report ongoing environmental work
  • We consider our environmental work as a long term investment for future generations

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Quality policies

Our quality policy is to manufacture and deliver products that meet our customers' requirements, needs and expectations. If the requirements are not formaIly specified, we will deliver the quality that according to our experience is right for the customer given the use of the product.

Quality should be the naturaI result of a high level of competence, good organisation and commitment by our employees.

Management is responsible for the quality system fulfilling the current ISO standards, with focus on
continuous improvements. Our quality policy and our stated quality objectives are systematically monitored by the management.