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Riflex offers films for textile lamination, printing and black-out applications. 

For example:

• Black-out curtains
• Table cloth
• Display Products and Wall Covering
• Flooring
• Outdoor applications, for example printed advertisement, marquis and parasol

Our products are tailor-made to match the properties for every customer whether it is B s1 d0, M1, or B1 in flame retardancy or the stringent requirements regarding low or non-migrating plasticizers.
We offer a broad range of films based on plasticizers, from standard to special flame retardant plasticizers (phthalate free) as well as polymeric plasticizers.

Lamination of PVC to textile or nonwoven materials can be a delicate and sensitive process, we have the knowledge of producing PVC film to give the best conditions in the lamination process at our customers.

We can give the film different properties in regards of high gloss or matt surface, different embossing or logos. Very good weldability properties to produce material of any complex form is also a speciality. We have cooperation with high-frequency welding equipment producers. We can offer formulas based on the very best environmentally choice of flame-retardant additives available on the market.

We can provide qualities with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-algae properties and which can be certified with OEKO-TEX certification.

Our lamination unit gives new possibilities for interior decoration, extremely high gloss surfaces available in many colours together with different embossing. 

Let us be your partner in all future decorative projects whether for indoor or outdoor applications!

Can't find exactly what you are looking for? Why not ask our Riflex sales Team?